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When you have no plans so you go to the library just to return books,

that’s how sad I am.


so I may end up cleaning my room, I’ve let it get to where you can’t see the floor anymore…..

I’m so bored I’m getting mad for no reason, it’s bad for me to be bored, and before I was going to do a long ass post on absolutely nothing, but the blank screen scared me so I didn’t :/

I really have no clue what’s up with me lately, I’m a mess, but I’m managing, somehow, no one has entirely realised yet,

I told my first best friend yesterday when I couldn’t sleep because of bad thoughts, my brain kep telling me STUPID BULLSHIT, making me want to cry and cut,

don’t worry I did neither, I fell asleep somehow, I couldn’t cry, I just kept seeing the past replaying over and over, bad things that have happened,

I woke up and forgot for like an hour, then remembered it all again,

see I don’t know why this is happening, my life’s cool right now, I was over all that,

but it still haunts me, my goddamn demons still chase me,

I wonder when they’ll stop.




One thought on “Commiserating

  1. Hey! I’m soo happy that you chose not to cut and cut. Blogging or writing really helps to release all of those pent up emotions and even better, no one really knows who you are so you can let everything out. Hope you start to feel better.

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