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But Cool Nonetheless

I spent the day doing some work, eating some Ikea biscuits and writing,

I say work, I mean absolutely nothing in reality,

meh, I have 5 more days, (I say this now, watch me stress later)

My little brother and sister managed to make a whole £3!!!

They moved all the way to the post office :’) Idek how they got the table and stools up there, but they did,

My mum was furious, I was just intrigued as to who bought candy from a 7 and 8 year old :’)

Anywho, I was listening to Eminem again, he always gets me writing cool depressing shit, but cool nonetheless,

Read his beautiful prose *___*

And the fangs been out since then
But up until the instant that I went against it
It was ingrained in me that I wouldn’t amount to a shitstain I thought
No wonder I had to unlearn everything my brain was taught
Do I really belong in this game? I pondered
I just wanna’ play my part, should I make waves or not?

I was a… afraid to make a single sound
Afraid I would never find a way out
Afraid I’d never be found
I don’t wanna’ go another round
An angry man’s power will shut you up
Trip wires fill this house with tip toed love
Run out of excuses for everyone
So here I am and I will not run

Guts over fear ❤

Yeah so I have to go to mosque now and hopefully not get in trouble,

see ya when I see ya!


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