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Feeling Old.

So my younger brother and sister have set up a ‘shop’ across the road,
it is shit freeizing out there,
I say they’ll be back inside within 10 minutes,

my sister hasn’t even brushed her hair :’)

They’re screaming “anybody want some sweets” and I can hear it from my living room,

don’t they know, no one takes candy from strangers. XD

Lord I will torture them with this when they’re 18/19,

It makes me feel so old just watching them,

At least they aren’t zombie kids, glued to phones/ipads.

I did the same thing with my older brother when I was that age, but of course back then children used to play outside and we made some dosh,

yep, they’re going to get bored soon,

I need to get back to doing work.

Adios ❤


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