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The Real Slim Shady

I was meant to wake up at 6 and I’d have done most of my work by now, but…..


I’m going to try and get some work done now, but I feel a severe lack of motivation,

Hmph, we’ll see,

I’m going through all of Eminem’s oldies now, you can actually see him mature and age through his songs,

it’s cool, kinda scary,

I honestly wonder where he is now, it bugs me not to know,

He’s affected my life like no one else, since of course he’s never met me, but his words have made me feel better, feel worse, on so many occasions,

He can be deemed a sexist piece of shit, he can be deemed cuckoo crazy, he can be deemed a master of prose,

He’s just a man, at the end of it,

a roughed up kid who took the wrong drugs, loved the wrong people,

I feel for him, I’m not sure why, he’s always been there throughout my childhood (my parents didn’t listen to the lyrics well did they?)

he made it so big, and then disappeared into thin air,

he could even be deemed satanic, :’) Lord Idk, he fucked up my mind at the youngest age and I’m thankful for it, really,


I’d better start working,

enjoy your wednesdays! ❤


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