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Once Upon A Time


I should become a rockstar…. Hmmmm,

Over this week I’ve been revisiting the past a lot, opening doors I thought I had closed, but had to open, because your past makes you the house you are now,


I should have studied more, I should have been more productive, what happened to the girl who had a new project to work on every holiday? Has she gone to sleep? Has she died?

Tomorrow might be the beginning of Ramadhaan and here I am listening to music


such a good Muslim I know,

the past makes me unnerved, restless, different,

I keep feeling like there’s more than one person inside my personality, like there’s many sides to me,

I hate it,

Like when I’m talking to someone for the first time, hundreds of mean things run through my mind, and I have to tell myself sternly not to say any of them,

it’s like I’m acting,

I don’t want to be centre stage, or behind the curtain, I want to write my own play,

so why can’t I?



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