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Tippy Assam


I’m having sehri, the morning meal before one fasts,

yeah, I wanted tea, so that explains the title, I’m too cool for PG tips :’) I like Assam,

I’m going to stay up until sehri everyday, it’s going to take me a while to adjust, but it’s cool, the serenity of night is unknown to me,


I’m supposed to pray all night, but I end up thinking a lot, now I remember why I started sleeping early, haha, -_-

It might not be a total bad thing, thinking can be good, right?

It was kind of like meditation, I was concentrating on breathing, and then all my thoughts in my head were talking, so I listened,

Yeah…. I should get help with those voices… but sometimes they can be nice,

I’m not making any sense, sheesh,

Uhm where was I going with this? Right, thinking,

I think a lot, I mean everyone does, but I tend to overthink things, to such an extent I’m stuck in my own mind,

That’s why I don’t think much anymore, I keep myself busy with maths and other work, maths is probably the only thing that entirely distracts me from my own brain… Hmm…

But sometimes thinking is good, I was thinking about God, and all the crazy shmuck going on in the world, the good and the bad,

I was concentrating on my breathing, I was listening to the silence,

I was going insane. :’)

Really, I’d had enough of my own brain,

so now here I am, sharing it with you lot,

but I don’t really know what I’m saying,

Man I should go eat before time’s up,

Good Morning? / Good Night?



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