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Flip Flops, Friends & Feelings.

Survival of the richest, the city’s ours until the fall.
They’re Monaco and Hamptons bound but we don’t feel like outsiders at all.

It’s 01:24 and I’m wide awake, I have a geography exam in 12 hours, which I really haven’t studied all that much for,

I haven’t been able to concentrate on prayers today, I got weak, I’ve listened to music,


I really shouldn’t make fun of that, but,

We know very well who we are, so we hold it down when summer starts.
What kind of dough have you been spending?
What kind of bubblegum have you been blowing lately?

These lyrics are from New Americana by Halsey,

go check it out if you want, I like Halsey’s colours, but I haven’t really heard any of her other stuff,

There are so many emotions inside of me aching to come out, but I don’t want to feel anything, I just want to feel alive, but by numbing everything I can’t really do that can I? I don’t even have a reason as to why I’m blocking it all out, I just feel like I should.

It’s as though I have seas inside of me raging against my bone walls, storms, capsized boats, but no land in sight, no light house, no silver linings,

Gawd this sounds mushy as helllllll,

I had a good day yesterday, an exam, a free, and then 2 lessons of doing nothing, in the last lesson we were even allowed to go outside, and I lay in the grass thinking ‘why can’t I do this everyday?’

I wore flip flops to school, that sounds like not a big deal, but this is in England, no one wears flip flops to school, and I wore a really cute dress too XD The amount of compliments, who knew a dress could make you so happy?

Tomorrow I may wear my new sandals, mannn Imma look cah-yute!!! 🙂

I should pray and go to sleep, I mean shit, why am I blogging at this time?

Oh Lollen [one of my best friends, she featured in some of my very first posts] came to my house today! XD That was so random, I’d just gotten out of the shower and I heard someone knock on the door, so I go downstairs and there she is, with her greenday t-shirt, dyed hair and converse, on my doorstep,

:’) It was so awkward, because I was just about to go to sleep, and I was fasting so she didn’t want to eat anything in front of me,

she stayed for an hour, and my parents weren’t home, (no we didn’t do anything naughty, shame on you, such bad thoughts)

then when my parents did come home, I asked them about plans for saturday, because I am trying to have a life desperately,

my parents were all rushed and stressed so didn’t talk to lollen much, (after she left my mum told me she felt really bad) and they kept talking in gujrati, to each other, so I had to translate -_- I don’t even know why, they both speak perfectly good English -_-

Yeah so saturday plans are go, and sleep is calling me, so I shall blog later today hopefully,

Good Morning//Night???



7 thoughts on “Flip Flops, Friends & Feelings.

    1. I’m coping, incredibly thirsty and missing the sound of music when revising 😦 But overall I’m doing okay I think, just takes a while for my body to adjust, thanks for asking! x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Any time! 🙂 I’m not Muslim and so I always want to know how Ramadan is. Can you not listen to music whilst revising?
        Also ARGH this must be even harder because exams PLUS the fact that the sun doesn’t go down until really late this month!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yep, and not really no, I’m supposed to stop listening to music, it’s harder than hard, and after the first few fasts I normally develop a routine, right now I’m off to bed for 2 hours. XD

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