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Pretty but Painful.


(I’ve decided to start timing my posts because sometimes I write them over hours, but sometimes I don’t, meh, it looks cool XD)


I wore my new sandals to school today, pretty wedges :3 pretty pretty shoes :3 but now my legs are aching, I stopped wearing heels once we got to wear non-uniform to school, akh I forgot how much they can hurt,

but they’re worth it. XD Because pretty shoes.

The exam was shitty, I wrote some bullshit down and managed to finish all the questions, hopefully I’ve got a B, I’ve really started hating geography now, thank god I never have to do it again!

See, that’s one thing I’ve never really understood about myself, I love learning, but hate it at school, because it’s not real learning, we just have textbooks and deadlines thrown at us, it’s not really helping us, like when we learnt about climate change I felt so passionate, only to realise sir was just teaching what he had to, he didn’t really care THAT WE ARE DESTROYING OUR OWN WORLD.


See what I’m saying?

One of the best lessons at school is Religious Studies, and that’s deemed as ‘not a real subject’ in the eys of so many, it teaches us to question everything, not to criticise but to accept, to be more empathetic. It’s a very valuable lesson, I just don’t get why so many people can’t see that.

Hmmm, my mind’s wandered again,

I really need sleep, I kept falling asleep between answers, and the damn air con in the exam room was making my eyes water -_- it wasn’t the best exam in the world,

I’d better go to sleep before I pass out or something, so

adios ❤




3 thoughts on “Pretty but Painful.

  1. With me, I can’t stand RE because it doesn’t teach us much about religions. In years 7, 8 and 9, we learned about things like Judaism and Islam (the 5 pillars, the fact that you have to give a certain percentage of earnings to charity and a BIT about Ramadan), even Hinduism which was fascinating. But THAT was in the early years. Maybe ours is better, but when it got to GCSE, it was basically focused on Christianity and that upset me a little because I’d been learning about that ALL through primary school. But then again, it HAS taught me to think more – about the death penalty, about crime and everything. I don’t know; I just. wish it focused on other religions more because it would help people understand.

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    1. I get you, we only focus on Islam and Christianity I’d love to learn about other religions, which is why I’ve chosen it as an A-level XD but I like how it teaches us to think for ourselves.

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