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I Have Friends!


Yes you read that right, I’m not a total loner hermit blob, I do go out,

Shopping with Mini and Lollen was so much fun,

I forgot about all my other problems for a while, and just had fun,

Since we’re all pretty broke Mini kept saying in every shop “Not expensive enough” At first I was so confused as to why she kept saying that, then I clicked on and started saying it too XD I’m so slow,

We went to loads of shops and didn’t buy much, but I managed to spend my whole budget, I bought:

a new bra (Ann Summers is a sex shop! How didn’t I know this?! Also that was fun, messing about in the changing room together, making dirty jokes and generally being stupid),

some ribbon from paper chase (I have plans to glitter all the origami butterlies I’m making and string them all together to put up as a legacy in music),

2 pairs of new earrings, one to give to Sam at school because we were talking about feathery earrings some day last week, a baby bag for my baby cousin who turned 2 and this adorable necklace that has looooads of multicoloured beads on it :3,

a cheap t-shirt that has the words ‘peace love life and joy’ on it, I feel like it will look cute with a long black skirt and my new necklace + a turqoise scarf,

we went to build-a-bear for Lollen’s leaving present, we all chipped in to buy her a Westie dog teddy bear, it was cute and she got to take it home in a carboard kennel thingy, she named it Alfie, I say leaving present because she’s going to Hull next week, she’s moving there for college, but Imma just push that thought out of mind before I get sad,

we messed about in LUSH, I put this shimmery thing on both their arms and on my cheeks and talked to the friendly staff, we tested out makeup on the back of our hands, by the time I got home I had about 100 lipstick marks there XD

we messed about in Claires, in superdrug too, I think we just messed about in every shop ever :’)

we took funny selfies, that are now posted on social media -_- well what are friends for?

throughout all this I didn’t once think about all the shit in my life, it was such a good break from everything, I love them so much I’m so glad I had the courage to befriend them,

all 3 of us are fucked up mentally, it’s funny how we can seem so normal when we go out, hmmm,

I’ve decided for my 17th birthday I want a daisy ring from Pandora that I saw today, and nothing else, IT’S SO PRETTY *___*

I realised that yes, I do have a life and yes I do have friends who love me for me, no matter what the stupid voices in my head try to tell me, I am loved, I am capable of having real friends. :3

I hope you guys enjoyed your saturday like I did,

Byes for now ❤







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