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Can’t I Have Fun For The Rest of My Life?



This was taken in Ikea when I went with my cousin 2 weeks ago and we messed about there,

Today was a really good day, probably because I had a whole free day, apart from maths, even then it was awesome,

at lunch I glittered my butterflies and had a lot of fun, glitter makes me high XD

Uhmmm I played snap in geography, I read,

I laughed, I talked, didn’t really do anything worth blogging about apart from the butterflies,

I guess taking a day (week, month, year, lol) and not doing anything productive at all can be a good thing sometimes,

I keep losing focus and doing other things inbetween blogging, :/ Oops,

Yesterday I had started a post and just stopped halfway, I felt a severe lack of motivation, it was the switch being flicked again, it felt horrible, I was supposed to study, and pray and sleep early, it was like a concrete wall I couldn’t climb or break, nothing but my thoughts, I ended up sleeping at 3am, after overthinking my life, again,

I feel like I need to get out, reconnect with the world, I feel like I’m way too numb,

It’s not numb, I mean I feel good at times, amazing, but then I don’t feel it, properly, you know?

Like I know the good feeling won’t last very long….

Maybe it’s just a funk, I’d better snap out of it soon, I have a life to live after all…



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