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A Letter To Myself


Often now you feel overwhelmed with what you are to do with your future, decisions you make now will affect your future 5, even 10 years from now, and that is scary, crazy,

You’re 16. Just 16, though you feel like you’ve lived for far too long already,

people your age have done amazing things, and yet here you are, clasically average in your ways,

people your age have done treacherous things, and yet here you are, clasically average in your ways,

right now, is what inevitably matters, the present, wallowing in the past won’t do good, and being 2 steps ahead can be good sometimes but can also be poisonous,

so I give this advice to you, live for now, let tomorrow come at its own pace, running ahead, you might trip, whilst lagging behind will make life harder,

do what you’re able to do, don’t get stuck on what you can’t do,

do what you love and life will get easier, passion in work makes it feel like it’s not work at all, and the product will be much better if you pour your heart into the process,

laugh, make memories, take photos, give love,


Let go of all the negative baggage you’ve made yourself to carry, stand tall, give out the energy you wish to recieve,

You keep telling others to do this, but when will you tell yourself? Just stop for a minute, you’ve become lost because you’re always rushing to the next step,

you must stop pretending to be fine, really, it’s okay not to be okay, you should let yourself off the hook, really, you’re not as bad as you think you are, you could be far worse,

so please, stop beating yourself up about the smallest things,

just write what comes to mind, stop thinking so much about it, you’re becoming your worst enemy, and after so long trying to fix that, why are you going back to your old ways? Come on, you’re far better than that.

Just breathe, let life take you,

and hand in hand with happiness,

you’ll do amazing things,

trust me.




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