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I Owned Every Second That This World Could Give

Today I went to another memorial thingy for the MP who died recently,

I was shocked at the turnout, the whole market square was full to the brim and more people kept arriving,

this got me thinking,

about death,

about life,

I mean they come hand in hand, one promises the other,

I always wonder what comes after, before I was so consumed in that enquiry that I never appreciated what comes before,

from a young age my dad taught me to live my life to its fullest, because life is incredibly short,

however as I got older, the magic between my dad and I evaporated, leaving only traces here and there,

and I forgot to live in the moment for a while,

everything was either moving too slow or too fast,

I was never really in the present,

it was sickening because I forgot the most important things in life, it was self destruction,

slowly I was crumbling, falling further into the void I created,

until the void stopped, and I stared up at the blinking lights at the top, wondering what I had done, why I had done so,

And I realised I must climb back up,

so that is what I’m doing,


So from now on I try to live, and continuously climb the void, I may slip a few times, but the point is I reach the light where I once lived.



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