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How Dare You

I hate how so many people these days now feel it is okay to compare tragedies, like “ohhhh 50 people died in Orlando, so what, hudreds die in war daily”
“oh you have anxiety, well I’ve tried to kill myelf, so I’m worse than you”
“oh you’ve got cancer, well so do many people”
That’s not what it means to be human! Every tragedy is still a tragedy okay?!
Just because you don’t necessarily feel sad about it does not make it okay to start comparing how bad one thing is to another, stop belittling LIFE, because all life is precious, when people die, we should collectively feel a loss, because we are all one, just because I support one thing doesn’t mean I’m saying it’s more important than another.

When we get right to it, we all bleed the same colour.

I am sick of hearing it. So please just stop.

Where is the humanity? I ask of you, where are your hearts? Do you not feel we are all one? No matter what our differences, we must respect each other.

I’m afraid of what the future may bring, if this is today what will tomorrow be like?

Please don’t forget to be human, we should never have to get used to these things, we should always feel for other people, even if it’s a tiny amount.


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