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I’ll Love Life Tomorrow, Maybe.

I did not go to school today, but I woke to brilliant sunshine beaming into my room, making me feel like I was on fire, yeah moving my bed to be near the window was not a good idea. :/

Having accomplished nothing at all today, I feel lost, but it’s okay, because the day has not gone yet, even though I know I won’t particularly do anything but read and/or sleep.

Life seems to be rolling along, in between naps….

My baby cousin came to play today, she can never fail to make me feel loved, that tiny person, she’s still only 2, but this age is hilarious, she’s learning to talk properly and the things she says can make anyone laugh. It’s always been beyond me, how babies can find the simplest things delightful, like a moon shaped magnet, a balloon or even a biscuit. They find everything fascinating, somehow we lose that as we grow older, it’s a little sad. I think it’s good to spend some time with kids, they remind you what life’s all about, that we don’t have to take life on our shoulders but can laugh at it too.

The weather’s become a drastic mess, where’s Summer at? It’s pouring out there, and I don’t like this kind of rain, it’s making the entire house gloomy,

I feel like maybe cleaning my room, and then lying on my floor to stare at the ceiling, see even my thoughts have gone to shit :’)

On another note I found my beloved burberry (not designer, just the print) scarf, which I purchased and wore in Tunisia, then it mysteriously disappeared so I assumed I left it there by accident, but no! It’s here! Yay!

I don’t really know why I’m typing, maybe to pass the time, there’s no real point to this, there’s no real point to anything,

it’s all getting a bit mundane, this whole Ramadhaan thing, I kind of want it to be over, :/ does that make me sound like a bad Muslim?

Tomorrow shall be much better I hope, I was meant to have fun today, but I guess not,

oh well,

Tomorrow Tomorrow.











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