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Rambles & Peaches

I wrote this poem last year,  somehow that’s really hard for me to believe, I can barely write anything these days, I always get distracted or simply give up, the most surprising thing is, this poem still applies to me, a year on:


There is a girl inside me

Destroying the numerous walls I built,

She is stabbing my heart,
Picking away at my soul,

She’s setting fire to my mind,
She’s sucking the life out of my veins,
She’s tearing away my skin,

Her eyes are dark, and callous,

She’s tying my stomach into immaculate knots, and pulling

Tighter and tighter,

She squeezes my neck and chokes my opinions,

She freezes my emotions,

She puts a cloud over my sunlit life,

There is a girl inside me-

I don’t want to edit it, I want to leave it as it is, and maybe look back at it next year to see if it still applies, call it an experiment if you will,

On another note I think I’m becoming addicted to blogging, that’s not a bad thing, but it can be sometimes, my parents, for one, are getting increasingly annoyed at me for tapping away on the family laptop until the early hours,

I also may be addicted to reading? But that was there anyway, step 1: acknowledging the problem lolololol :’)


I had a very uneventful day, I went to school, did all the stuff I had to do before lunch,

and then sat there for 100 minutes (last 2 periods) doing absolutely nothing.

Brilliant. I know. -_-

I will not go to school tomorrow, thank my lucky stars, but I’m going on wednesday and maybe thursday,

my previous anger has died, I figured I may as well just get this shit over and done with,
no point kicking up a fuss when I can be done with it by this week,


I feel like I’m growing up and nothing scares me more that this fact,

June has flown by, I mean in 3 days it’s July,


Breathe, just breathe,

it will all be okay,

there’s no real point to this post, just me rambling into the night, morning?
I don’t know what to call this majestic time that I stay awake and ponder of the mysteries plaguing my mind, heart and soul, whereupon only the mad people are awake, the truly insane,

okay no, a lot of people are awake, but I’m trying to be poetic :’)

I need to stop typing, I’ve written this over hours, and I forgot to do my timing thingy

Uhm I love peaches, everyone have a peach today, if possible, they’re amazing,








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