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You Be You


No I don’t care if it’s Ramadhan, shame me, judge me, I don’t care,

this song makes me want to dance on a balcony somewhere in Morrocco…. ah what I would do for that hair!!! Seriously it’s beautiful! ❤

I’ve just spent an hour binge watching Nicole Arbour on youtube, because I have nothing better to do with my life and I like her straight up bitchiness, and she’s funny!

I don’t have school today and I’m a bit bored :/ so I’m going to re organise my wardrobe and maybe dance a bit more, maybe read, maybe study,


I’m learning to just let life be and not stress about the scrutinies, not to want a schedule or plan for everything, just going with the flow and ignoring my stupid brain for a while,

I’m sick of people hating on each other, why can’t people be more accepting, LET PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY WANNA DO DAMMIT, LET THEM BE THEMSELVES,

What does it matter? If it doesn’t harm anyone then does it really matter? Why do YOU need to get your panties in a bunch? Huh? Huh!

Being home alone is awesome. Really. I need to get my own place. So long to go till that happens ;__;

Imma go paint, and do some other shit,

Hey guys! I’m not sad! Yay!!!! *does happy dance*

I miss doing maths homework…. ;__;

Okays enough rambling, byes ❤



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