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My Bae Of A Band & Other Malarky

Have released their new albummmmmmmmmm


all of you, go google american authors, then binge on their new album because OHMYGOD HOW DID I STOP LISTENING TO INDIE?!


🙂 This has just made my day 1000000000000 times better,

also binge on Stephen too guys, because his lyrics and his jams ❤ ❤ ❤ I MEAN HE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE MUSIC!

I’m going on a short road trip today to pick up my Zambian aunty from Bolton ^_^ She knows how to have fun, really, she makes life a party, it should be good, driving with my dad shotgun, like old times, ah nostalgia.

I feel like I want to be like that when I’m older, I mean she’s been seriously ill, but you wouldn’t be able to tell, she’s the best at living life!

I feel like wearing something hot today, but I’m not sure where all my clothes are :’) They’re probably still in the wash…. :/

Oh yeah!

Yesterday I was wondering why people in England overreact to people going barefoot, in Malawi it’s a norm, and living there for a year, I decided it feels quite good, wearing no shoes, reconnects you to the world and all that hippie shit,

I mean wearing heels is so tiring sometimes, just chill people!

Imma dance today, and yay! I can go on bike rides now Ramadan’s over and I can drink water anywhere 🙂

This month is jam packed, I don’t know how I’ll survive, I have madressa exams next week, and then plans with friends this weekend and next week hopefully, I have to pack for the new house, MOVING NEXT WEEK?!

Well I guess this is growing up… Right?

Maynnnn  I should go shower,

I should get dressed,

I should clean up this mess in my room,

I should live and stop worrying.



2 thoughts on “My Bae Of A Band & Other Malarky

  1. Thank you so much! American Authors are delightful. I’m listening to their entire YouTube feed and I’m already in love with the first three songs (Pocket Full of Gold, Mind, Body and Soul, and Nothing Better)
    I always adore finding really good artists so thank you so much.
    I’m definitely going to check out Stephen as well.
    I hope you have fun with your aunt; she sounds delightful.
    I’d love to go barefoot if I could but, unfortunately, most of the streets are made of gravel or unpaved sand so there’s always the risk of scorching your feet or stepping on sharp objects.

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