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Yesterday Was Better Than Today


So I have anger issues, forget that, I have ISSUES, and sometimes I entirely ignore them, that can be good, that can be bad, depending on the day, my mood, etc,

I still have no clue what is exactly wrong with me, I don’t want to know yet, that’s a-okay for me,

I’m watching the news, (american news is so much LOUDER than British news) trying to fall back into my old schedule and not be a moody teenager who wakes up at 2pm, but a budding journalist and blogger who is awake and alive by 6am, volunteering, looking for a job, helping at home,


Gawd, I fail at life so bad, :’)

And I laugh at it, I laugh at myself so as not to cry.

Yesterday was good, very very good, but  I got so tired outttt, now I’m in a weird mood, and no, I don’t feel like eating, or really doing anything, but I must -__-

today I will be going to school, (everyone cry for me, I know I though I was done with that hellhole too) for my leaver’s assembly,

uhhmmmmm, so I have to go to school for an hour, get bored listening to my annoying head teachers talk about nothing important, pretend to be happy, hug people, and come home and go back to being a blob,





I’m not liking today and it’s not even afternoon yet,

right, positive mind, positive, positive, POSITIVE,

Not going to stress at all………..






4 thoughts on “Yesterday Was Better Than Today

  1. I hope you start to feel better soon! I went on a blogging break and I’m really happy to read your posts again. I totally understand the quote at the top it’s exactly how I’m feeling at the moment.

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