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Oh My!!! I have Plans?!

Yes you read that right, the blob that I am, has plans!!!

And I mean the plural! :O WHUUUUUUT?!

After the breakfast that I so thoughtfully have cooked up, (hehehe so vain, I know) I’m going biking with my famalam to that nice park I went to before, I feel like I need air so that should help me, and I’ve turned into such a fatty, I need to get my stamina back up, :’) Oh, I’m going to be tired today,

***Just a note here, I don’t exercise to lose weight, I don’t think anyone should unless they have been told to by a doctor, you should exercise just for the fun of it, to lose weight is admitting that you are insecure with yourself, and for me, that’s a no no, I don’t care, I am happy with my weight.***

After that I’m going to a friend’s house to hang out and have pizzaaaa, ohmygod so cliche, but hey! At least I get to see the people I love! And I get to feel like I’m part of a squad 🙂

Yesterday I did manage to do something, though I woke up and cried, and I was emotional all day (basically sad af) but I managed to push bad thoughts away by continuing my packing and organising half of my wardrobe! I managed 2 whole boxes people! That’s a miracle!

Today I don’t feel so down because I feel kinda “Yay! I have plans! With people other than myself!”


I’d better get dressed to go biking, see ya guys laterrrr….




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