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So…. Prom….

Uhmm wellll,

I’d like to say I had fun, I really would,

but I’m still fucking tired?! How?!  I got home at 7, how can I be tired?!

I think being around people has entirely sapped up all my energy, I’m getting tired just walking to the other side of my room,

that’s not bad at all :/

The people were okay, the photo taking was fun, the fake smiles and hugs, and ew etc,

But the food was shit, the boredom was killing me so much so at one point I went and lied down behind some place no one could see me, that was bliss,

I looked HOTTTTTT, it was impossible, the lady who did my makeup did such a good job, I felt so good,

I felt like the Queen deep down I know I am,

Mmmh I’m in a really weird mood, because I feel good and bad, like 2 opposites, at the same time?

Urgh, I need coffee, I’ll write a proper post later,

Bye peeps! ❤


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