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It’s My Life

I really really miss singing,

Maybe I should start it again,

Today’s my first exam and I really really don’t care,

I’m just going to sit there looking like I’m doing something clever, when in fact I’ll be shitting it,

but it’s okay, because I do not care about this exam. I didn’t choose this. My parents did.

I’m learning to take my life in my own hands. I’m learning the meanings of ‘so what’ and ‘no’, I’m growing up.

I no longer am going to let life just carry me along, I’m taking charge, and changing a few things, because I only get this once chance.

Respect, trust and honour, these will be my foundations, as long as I keep them in mind, I’ll be fine.

I’m not talking about being a rebel or anything, no I’m respecting my parents wants, but they have to learn that it’s my life and not theirs, they have to let go, sooner or later!

so that’s what I’m gonna do peeps!

Wish me luck?


One thought on “It’s My Life

  1. Of course. It’s you – your life, your choice and your happiness. You should be able to take control, because you’re the one most affected. Take life into your own hands, and LIVE it.

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