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I’ll Be Running Through The Wild


I feel kinda sad today, because of everything going on in the world, I woke up to the news of France, Kashmir, and many other places and I’m sick of the cruelty and inhumane things that go on in our world, and unfortunately I have to come to terms with the fact that things like this will keep happening as I grow up, even if I have children and become old and grey, these things will always happen, because the world is not perfect,

it’s important to not let that make me bitter, it’s important to keep doing good things and improving myself daily, not to let someone else’s actions fuel my sadness,

I have to keep reminding myself it’s okay to be sad, to have moods, to feel,ย that these emotions don’t have to rule me, that I can carry on with my day without being entirely consumed by my thoughts,

I have to keep going, if not for myself, for everyone who loves me,

Giving up isn’t an option, but taking a day off is. There’s a difference.


I’m learning to let others love me, not to run away when things get complicated, but to stay and try to fix them,

I’m constantly falling and getting back up, learning and re-learning,

for me life’s a bike ride,

if I don’t keep going, I’ll fall off.



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