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Bye Bye House, Goodbye Home.

Goodbye to the walls that have changed colour so many times throughout my life I have lost count, that have heard all my childhood stories, all my arguments, all my laughter, have seen 4 children draw on its walls, marking their height throughout their growth,

Goodbye to the floors that have witnessed 4 children’s potty training, sickness, health, my growing feet and all the spilled milk,that have slurped up my spilt coffee on many occasions, more than I would like to admit to my mother,

Goodbye to the patterned ceilings that have watched me sleep, that have seen me laying in the middle of the floor countless times, staring into space, as a baby, as a teenager, pondering,

Goodbye to the balcony that has only been here for a short while though it seems like forever, that has seen my younger siblings play and mess around, that has been home to my sister’s new garden, my art studio, my serene space to think, to breathe,

Goodbye to the creaking stairs, of which I know every single creak individually, in order to sneak downstairs for food at midnight, or to watch cartoons at 6am,

Goodbye to the skylights that watched my pain, 2 years ago when I screamed at the stars, when I wished for death, that saw me staring through them, photographing them, inducing my love for the ever changing sky,

Goodbye to the kitchen that has changed faces so many times, but has always been the heart of my home, that has seen our family debates, meals, discussions, that has seen me wake up at 5 and let me stay until sunrise, with it’s wooden cupboards and gleaming tiles,

Goodbye house,

thank you for letting me live with you, see you change along with me, thank you for helping me write, for being my inspiration at times, my haven, my home, for letting me sprawl my books across the floor, my paint, my words,

I will miss you, I will not forget you, there will always be a part of me in you, and whenever I walk past you in the future, I will remember when you were my home,


[I’m moving house tomorrow and I thought I should say goodbye properly]



4 thoughts on “Bye Bye House, Goodbye Home.

  1. I’m slightly speechless. This was so poetic and beautiful and I loved it so much. Good luck with moving: I guess it’s hard to move out of a house – a home – which you know so well, and have known for so long. I’ve never moved house, but I don’t think I’d like the experience one bit.

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