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It’s okay to start again…. Right?

I woke up to this ❤️

I’ve been awake for an hour and a half, I am incredibly bored

I must go bath!

I just go pray!

But no, here I am blobbing, drinking coffee, being a teenager addicted to social media…. 

Oh well,

[Madressa is Islamic school, sorta, my Madressa is where I will become an aalima, someone very knowledgable in Islam, therefore I learn Arabic and Urdu as part of my course, at the end of this lengthy course I get a  BA honours in the Arabic Language & Islamic theology, technically I’m doing a university course. I go to Madressa from 5pm to 8pm Monday-Friday and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays.]

It was my second day of Madressa yesterday and I’m getting incredibly bored what with repeating the whole year again, but hopefully I’m going to find this year REALLY easy, because it’s stuff I’ve done before.

Apparently I do have the option to resit my exams if I plead and beg, but no thanks. (Shush don’t tell my parents)

To be honest I want to do the year again, last year was so hectic with it being my final year of high school, I barely paid any attention in class, I somehow managed to get through to the end of the year, I did get reprimanded a few times but that was my fault for being a blob and not doing my homework. :/ 

If I simply resat my exams I’d feel like I was cheating, 

My Madressa course is 7 years and my parents are quite annoyed that I’ve made it 8 now but in my mind it’s not about how long I take, it’s about the fact that I know my shit properly not half half tutti frutti,

This year I’m going to start my A levels and everyone’s told me they’re shit hard so I’d rather not add stress to my life, I haven’t quit and everyone should be thankful that I didn’t have a tantrum and refuse to go back to Madressa ever again,

This year I want Madressa to really make a difference to me, until now I’ve just coasted along, learning Arabic and Urdu randomly because I’m supposedly good at languages,

But this year I want to properly pay attention and truly LEARN something. Truly change my life accordingly.

Any ways I’d better go do work, bath, pray etc

It is Friday, the auspicious day, 

I bid you farewell!

❤️ xxx


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