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I’m Flying!!! Part 3

Currently on my flight to Nairobi?

Tired af, but I know I won’t be able to sleep 😑

So I’m gonna shut my eyes and see what happens?

I’ve had 1 hour of real sleep in the last 18 hours and I don’t know how I’m still functioning 😭

I mean I can barely stay awake past 11pm normally?!

I’m worrying about my writing, I didnt take any notebooks with me for this holiday, but if inspiration hits, I have the notes app :/

My head’s pounding and I can’t be bothered to get up and get painkillers 😑

Thankfully I have a seat with extra leg space BUT no front pocket thingy, so all my stuff is overhead somewhere, and I don’t want to disturb the sleeping…

I could watch a movie or something?

My mind is too frazzled to make sense of what I’m reading,

I want a bed, a shower, a large mocha and a hug, 😭😭😭

I’m tired of travelling now,


I have one more flight after this but first have to sleep at Nairobi 😱

I dont think I’ll be able to,

I might pass out as soon as I land in Malawi 👀😂

Okay that’s not funny, thatms a real possibility,

I want to thank you guys and wordpress for keeping me occupied on my flights 😂

My lips hurt ?

Hmph I’d better go and try to sleep now? 

Byes 💕 xxx


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