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Mosquito Bites & First Kisses


My body just automatically woke up, I’m lying in bed listening to the outside world, 

My feet are itching

This is my 10th day in Malawi, so far I haven’t done much but chill,

Night time adventures are uncommonly common, with my crazy uncle and aunty, if the baby is sleeping, on my first night here they took us (me and my big bro) out for brownies,

They make me eat a lot here, my grandma keeps asking me why I’ve become so thin, every meal time someone will remark on how much I eat, I don’t like it. 

It reminds me of the time my bad thoughts taunted me into skipping meals and obsessing over the tiny number on the scales when I stood on them nervously, when I used to suck my stomach in in front of the mirror. My haunting issues. I do not want to be reminded of them,

They sometimes come to tap me on the shoulder, but now I can brush them off.

Most of the time…

I’ve had my first kiss.

Read that again, 

I have had my first kiss, at the age of 16 years old, I kissed the person I love, and let me tell you, it was awesome! 

We’re the same height, me and him, he smelt good, his hair was soft, his smile adorable, his lips were stubbornly shy,


He bit my lip. That’s not me complaining by the way,

I walked home with a huge smile on my face, and a tingly feeling in my lips, his taste lingered for a few hours, I must have been in heaven or simply sky high.

I remember holding his hand, nuzzling his neck, looking at him, the simple act of looking at him gave me chills, 

I miss him. 

My lipstick got all over him, he just smiled when I started rubbing it off his face, 

I remember it as the best day of my life so far.

He kissed me 3 times, we didn’t really know what we were doing, figuring out how to kiss, 

But it was good. Better than good. 

Just being with him was good. Just looking at him in person after so long apart. I never wanted to stop looking at him.

Enough of my teenage quarms, I am simply telling you the news of my slow moving life at god knows what time in the morning,

I do want to go back to sleep, I want to type this before that,

I forgot to post this damn thing now it’s 9:13 


Byes peoples ❀️


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