We Want It All

Everyone should go listen to icona pop brightside, put that on in the background and then read 😅

I know I know guys kill me, I haven’t blogged in a while and I feel guilty but oh well the point is I IS BACK!!!

I am currently walking to school, my breath is curling in front of me, it’s absolutely freezing, 

I look really minion like today, I’ve given up on makeup, as an A level student I barely have time to get dressed, forget makeup!

I feel really shit today to be perfectly honest, I feel like God’s fucking with me. 

And I know I’m going to be late today, I dont fucking care anymore.

Everything seems to be piling up on me and I know ultimately it’s my fault.

It is my fault.

Don’t you hate the smell cars give off? 

Fuck my whole existence 

No really

Fuck it

I’m still alive and healthy

I should be thankful I can still write,

I shouldnt feel this way, I dont know why I do

I cant even tell my best friend all this

I cant

I wont allow myself to be a self pitying whiney bitch

Because I’m better than this!!!


Im really beginning to hate what my life has turned out to be

All my friends know I’ve somehow become “religious”

But now I’m wondering how? Why? 

My fingers are almost numb

Im assuming I have a pink nose.

I honestly have stopped carig what I look like, because it doesnt matter

What matters is getting to school

Finishing my homework before first period

And surviving.


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