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Am I Bleeding From The Storm?

Listen to Greenday Still Breathing

It’s an amazing song and sums up my life at this moment in time,

I had a breakdown this week, nat gooooodddd nat good at alllll 🙄

But it’s okay because I’m okay now,

A levels are consuming my life, eating away at my brain, slowly killing the garden of my soul, I still can’t write  anything decent,

At school we’re  currently in the process of getting our target grades,

Which is ridiculous since we’ve only been doing A levels for how long? 2 months? Wow. 😑

And for all my subjects they’re C’s

Which is understandable because starting A levels at my new school (AKA snob school) has made me realise how un-intelligent I truly am,

That’s not even self pitying, it’s fact. At my old school I was genius material, here I’m just not.

A levels are NOT easy NOT AT ALL.

But for my pure maths my teacher said I’m working at an A grade standard and sociology said B grade but almost A,

I know grades don’t matter at all, it’s just the way it makes me feel is so UGH you know?

Like I know I’m better than that. I’m so much better that what any grade point average ever tells me.

I have a maths test tomorrow

I’m sat on my bed surrounded by work, eating popcorn.

Yep, I’m still a blob! 😂

I have tonsssss of work, so I’d better make a start!

Getting told I’m a C grader has just motivated me to do much better.

Taking life as though I’m in the driver’s seat, I’m not going to be passive anymore,

This is MY life, it will be what I make it,

So I’d better work my ass off! 😋✌🏼️

Adieu 😘 xxxx


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