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Kiss Me Please, Take My Hand, Let’s Run Away.

A levels are probably the hardest thing I’ve ever encountered in my entire life,

I want to be free of this goddamned essay, it is KILLING ME, but no, it was due on Friday, and here I am on a Sunday evening trying to figure out wtf I should write to make me seem smarter than I actually am.

I chose 3 essay subjects.

I chose suicide, and Maths on top of that.

I turn my music up louder,

I want to dance, I want to kiss someone and run away into the dark winter night,

Nope. Life isn’t a musical, sadly. I can’t just book a plane ticket and sneak off to Mozambique to meet the love of my life and elope with him.


God I sound so mushy. Kill me. Ew emotions spilling out of heart. Error. Error.

Sorry the server has crashed.

:’) I’m not even funny am I? God I’m getting old.

I really really don’t want to be hereeeeeeee,

I woke up this morning wondering why I exist at all, I don’t seem to be enjoying living anymore, uh oh. What happened????

I have not a clue.

Oh yeah guys, I turned 17 17 days ago :’) Just ah forgot to blog about it. I got rainbow cake and had fun with friends. That is all. XD





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