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A New Day, Hey, With The Sun In the Sky…

A Good Morning To You Chaps!

I woke today with a banging headache and I felt like I was definitely going to die,

nope, I’m all better now, ish, I’ve eaten and popped 2 painkillers so I better be fine, I don’t need to be worrying about my health, other things are much more important (heavy sarcasm.)

I’ve just finished my cup of black coffee, did you know I stopped drinking black coffee? I really did miss my poison!!! (Slams mug down dramatically)

Right now, like just now, I felt there is no better day to start to change, than today, because what if I’m not here tomorrow? So here I am, sat at the kitchen table at 10:40 in the morning, in my fluffy cardigan, tap tap tapping away on this here keyboard,

I’m ignoring the bad, and focusing on the good,

I was meant to go to an Islamic talk today titled ‘spiritual healing’ with my mother, but it starts in 17 minutes and I really can’t be bothered,

Maybe I’ll paint…..

Last night I cried, I won’t lie to you, I’m not really me, I haven’t been for a long time,

I got back in touch with Pluto, and no, talking to your ex isn’t always a bad plan, before we ‘dated’ we were best friends, that must stand for something,

Somehow I feel like I’m a nuisance to him, I’m a nuisance to everyone, but talking to him made me see things as they are, as they should be,

not as I want them to be,

and he reminded me to dream dream dream away,

plus he actually listens to me, unlike SOME people, he accepts me, you know?

I don’t know who I’m hinting at, sorry, no one I know in real life will read this :’)

Today is the day I fix me, and it may take more than a day,

but you know what? That’s okay with me, I’ll take as long as I need.

Because there is no person more important to you than yourself, something I have just relearned, is it learnt or learned? Whatever,

So I must go shower, and read, and clean, and dance,

I must go live.

Adieu, have a brilliant Tuesday everyone!

{This is a glimpse of what I take photos of daily}




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