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Was God Drunk When He Made You?

I spent 3 hours last night reading, I suddenly felt time shift a little, I was stuck in the book, and when I got up to switch off the lamp it was suddenly midnight,

and I felt a little like myself again,

just for a moment, a second,

I tried to sleep, but stared at the dancing shadows, I must’ve fallen asleep sometime because I woke up to my mother’s voice.

It’s weird. Everything right now is just weird.

Today I will be babysitting my cousin Baby May, I hope I don’t get fed up of her too fast, I hope she goes to sleep at nap time and doesn’t trouble me,

I shall be taking my anthology and maybe my book, but I doubt I’ll get any work done, hmph, I agreed to this, can’t complain, I really miss her, even though I saw her like 2 days ago when she stayed at my house for a few hours :’)

To be honest I have no idea where I’m going with this, I’ve just wanted to get back to being the blogger I used to be, obsessed with it, tap tap tapping all my ideas,

except right now I have very few ideas,


It will get better, I’m still fixing myself, I’m sure it will get better, it always does,

doesn’t it?




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