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Assam Tea, Breakdowns & Life en Général


I is back guys, I has been gone so long I’ve forgotten how this whole thing works,

I’ve decided to come back because I need an outlet I need somewhere to let loose, and I haven’t used my diary since last year because I’m just too lazy to get up and get a pen and write,

That is also the reason why I haven’t been writing poetry in what seems like forever, also one of the many things stressing me out

lol -_-

I’m currently on my Easter break from school, which isn’t really a break for me because all I seem to be doing is wasting my days and then feeling guilty about it when in fact I have a lot of work to do, don’t tell me off, there are reasons,

a.) I’m lazy
b.) I’ve been having bad moodswings lately, to be frank at the beginning of this holiday I stayed in bed for 3 days straight struggling to cope, thank God for that one person who never leaves me and always has my back,
c.) I’m lazy
d.) I was catching up on sleep
e.) I has had migraine

so yeah I forgot where I was going with this,


right a levels! Life!

Yesterday I went to somas house, it was fun, a break from my room, my brain, my demented thoughts, it was me, her and tay, the other squad member couldn’t make it because she was away,

oh yeah, our squad (the hobos) decreased by one person, not because of death! *Eye roll* because she pissed us off and we no longer see her fit to be in our squad, (WOW I SOUND LIKE SUCH A MEAN PERSON, oh wait, I am a mean person)

so theres literally 4 of us and 1 gf whom I’m not really sure is in our squad or na,

it’s complicated,


so the breakdowns thing, I feel I really should go get help at school or something, like get a counselor, but I’m worried they won’t take me seriously because I’ve not been properly diagnosed with any mental illness or anything, but I’m worried that my mind will get in the way of me doing the very best I can at school, madressah and in life.

I keep getting distracted,

assam tea is what I’ve replaced coffee with, I haven’t had coffee in dayssss


remember when  I used to have 4 cups a day lolololol

I’ve realised I cry at least once almost everyday, I’m not sure if that’s like okay or not, but whatever at least I’m not having full on panic attacks or anything,

recently I’ve had quite a few issues with friends, like I’ve never had issues with these people, but lately it has happened and I was like WHAT THE FUDGE THESE PEOPLE NEVER DO THIS WHAT WHATTTTTTT, but then I sorted it so everything is fine,

I guess sometimes we just forget to talk about things, just letting things out of our minds, but yeah I think I dealt pretty good, didn’t really let it get to me much,

hmmm, being 17 is so weird, I just want school to be over already, but at the same time I’m just so scared, scared of what the future looks like, because truly I have no real idea of what the hell I want to do anymore,

I feel like nothing is really in my control, that I have to please everyone else,

and that is wrong I know, I know the world is supposedly my oyster and all that shit, but it doesn’t feel that way to me,

I don’t want to be depressing but that’s just how I feel,

Trump needs to stop blowing places up, people need to stop being so damn racist, sexist, STUPID, the world needs a fix,

I need to actually do some work now guys, at least a tiny miny bit,

so I hope you guys missed me? You probably didn’t, you’ve probably forgotten all about my crazy blog, but I hope you guys are all well and healthy and happy,

Have a great weekend ❤



5 thoughts on “Assam Tea, Breakdowns & Life en Général

  1. How could I forget about you? I couldn’t – that’s the simple answer. Whether you have breakdowns or not – I’ll always remember you, silly! ALSO – I think you should speak to someone at school. They WILL take you seriously – that’s what they’re there for – and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been diagnosed 🙂 Speaking to someone can seriously help. I hope the squad’s all alright and that people aren’t being bitches. How bad have things been with friends? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve fixed things with the squad because I didn’t want to lose any more friends, and awww elm I’ve missed you too, I’ll see about telling someone at school, thank you ❤ you just made my day 100 times better xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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