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Sehri Tings

1:39 am

I know it’s been foreverrrrrrrrrrr since I blogged, and barely any of my followers actually you know, ‘follow’ me anymore, but hey

I thought I’d snap back to mi old ways for a bit,

today is the 15th day of ramadhan, I am EXHAUSTED, and yet my mind is wide awake, I know that doesn’t make sense but yeah nothing makes sense :’)

I have had my first cup of coffee today and I’ve been no-coffee for around 4/5 months now,

The reason?

I thought to myself “Hey, you’ve been having a lot of breakdowns, you’ve been putting up with a lot of stress recently, you need to TREAT YOSELF GIRRRRRRRL”

So how do I do that? Coffee. BUT OF COURSE.

guys, I’m excited for eid because I’m gonna look HOT ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FUUUUUUUDGE, (Ik I look hot as fudge anyways, Ik none of you have seen me Ik Ik)

I decided today that I want to wear a black floor length dress that has gold embroidery around the neck and sleeve lines and a slit in the middle, TO SHOW OFF THESE SEXY TROUSERS THAT GO WITH IT, yassssssssss, but like ma mother needs to sew that for me inshallah (If Allah Wills) soon,

what else did I want to talk about???



on second thought I’ll put what I wanted to talk about in another post because now that I really think about it it will take a longgggg time,

so ya

just checking in with you kids, staying cool, staying random,

love ya for reading ❤




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