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Cookies & Rain


Ups and downs. That is how I would describe my life, your life, and life in general.

We just have to keep going I guess.

I don’t want to write much,

just the fact that, we really should appreciate the good things and the bad things, the smallest of things can change the entire day,

look for the good things, and suddenly life isnt so daunting anymore,



be nice,

and most importantly,

love yourself.

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I’ll be okay, bub, I’ll be okay.

So guys,

I don’t get many views, I don’t get many likes,
from blogging every sunday morning and throughout the week, I’ve now gone to blogging like once a month? If that,

I have been sad

really really sad

for five days or more,

it feels like forever

it always feels like forever,

and there’s no real reason, no reason at all, I just feel my heart breaking every day, and I know that sounds bloody poetic, but it isn’t.

Thank God for my boyfriend for always always dragging me out of the hole, the pit that I dig to bury myself in.

I feel bad, I feel really bad,

I treat people like shit, I forget that they have emotions and feelings and problems too.

Now I’ve turned into someone I’m not, I’m turning into a mean bitch that really doesn’t care about anything at all, that sees no point in school, madressah, life.

I just don’t feel that’s me. That isn’t me at all.

I used to make people smile.

I used to be interesting, fun, joyful, a burst of sunshine,

now I’m just blending in,

and that isn’t me at all.

I have so so much to do!

My dad promised to buy my car and pay for insurance if I learn to drive in a year, which is gonna drain me,

over summer I shall:

learn to cook,

read read read, the whole library if possible,

do the theory bit of my driving,


revise, study everything so I make it easier for next year,

enjoy my life.

I’m gonna change, I’m gonna be happier and I’m gonna sort my life out,

I’m gonna work hard to get into a good university,

I’m gonna get back to reading a book every 2 days,

I’m gonna live.

You know what, I need to write, I need to go shopping and buy some colourful shoes, so everywhere I walk I’m walking on literal sunshine,

I need to write, that is the most important thing, I need to make myself happy, without anything or anyone else,

I need to get closer to God, I need to build that bridge again, because without God nothing is anything really.

~If God Wills.

PS: Danny, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything wrong I’ve ever said or done, I’m sorry for being so self centered and not being a very nice person at all. I love you as a brother, and I’m sorry that I have been what I have been.

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Everyday is A Chocolate Digestive

Chocolate digestives have 2 sides,

the chocolate,

the plain,

I have no idea why anyone would buy a pack of plain digestives,

I mean EW

The thing with chocolate digestives is, that you dunk it into your tea and it tastes delicious, the chocolate and the plain, together, as one,

and that folks, is what everyday is like,

you have the plain, or the bad moments,

then you have the chocolate, delicious moments,

and both of them together is what makes the digestive, the digestive.


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Something Outta Nothing

1:24 am

I’m awake,

I’m alive,

truly wonderfully alive,

tomorrow I’m going to work my ass off,

and I just know my life is finally starting anew,

I just know

I’ve got a job, I’ve got my provisional license, 3 weeks until school and madressah end,

A whole Summer ahead of me…..

And the whole world in my palm 🙂