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Oopsie forgot to think of a title

I’m adoring this songgggg, I want a bike just like the one in the featured picture, someone buy me one, a cutesy and vintage, ahhhh….

It’s currently 12:12

I have been awake for about 2 hours and have accomplished nothing but a few cute selfies, :’)

wow, such a teenager,

I’m currently working my way through a box of Thornton’s chocolates…… Yeah I’m so healthy, I know,

I feel like this holiday will make me fat, THAT IS A NO NO,  I don’t want diabetes, I don’t want to be more at risk of a heart attack,

My theory is that school food is disgusting, so I would eat less at school, but at home I can eat what I want when I want, so I just eat whenever I want, and my mum doesn’t mind if I skip meals here and there, as long as she knows I’m eating something,

this is bad,

Before I was regimented in routine, I’d eat at specific times, eat specific things, now I’ve lost all of that,

remember the me who used to wake up at 5 everyday? Have 2 pieces of toast and coffee? Shower and be dressed by 7:30?

She’s disappeared!

Meepo I should stop feeling so guilty and take my own advice to ‘just live’

I need to see the sea… Pretty soon I’ll be flying over it, so that’s okay. I can’t wait to get outta here!!!

I found this at the back and front of my poem book:


It shocked me at how positive I can be sometimes,

the contrast is spooky, how glum of a chum I am at times, and then I see that?


I need to learn to dance in the rain again,

I should get dressed, eat, and go to my sister’s school for her festival…

Adios ❤




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